Hi, I’m Janelle, the owner of Adoring Winnipeg. A few years ago, my eyes were opened to the incredible variety of talent we have here in Winnipeg. It led me down a path of exploring our local shops, restaurants, and markets and every adventure left me in awe of what we have available right on our doorstep. I then started to make the shift toward trying to buy local products as much as I could, but sometimes, I had trouble finding what I was looking for. Not because it didn’t exist, but because I wasn’t familiar with all the shops yet and therefore, wasn’t always sure where to look.

That’s when I decided to start Adoring Winnipeg

I created Adoring Winnipeg as a space to bring everything local together, in one place. A space to shine light on products, shops, restaurants, etc., made and owned by fellow Winnipeggers. A space to grow our community of local supporters and continue spreading the word. With it, I hope to help others like me discover this city and hope to help those already on this path, discover something new, like I still do, every day.